There is only a two-way street

For a human being

It is seen

With our ability

Of Decision-making

Either Heaven or hell will be

The place where you or I will dwell in eternity

Facts are simply this

We’re born into sin consequently


Separated from God Almighty

In His absolute nature, He is Holy

I am groaning, longing inside of me

To bring this message, to all who are perishing

Entrance into Heaven there is only one key

But the road to hell, the path is many

Read the Gospel of John especially

Chapter three

We seek to please

Ourselves with human philosophy

And forget our spiritual need

The women at the well portrays this clearly

When Jesus began to speak

He revealed what is here and now

Is a passing of a breeze?

She agreed

And ask Jesus what you mean

Jesus said this water you will drink

And later you will come-back again

But what I give is everlasting

If you believe

Spring of living water would flow out of thee

Matthew 7:13

Romans 3:23-26

John 4:1-27

#love #Jesus #teamJesus #God #sin #life #hell #heaven #spokenword #poem #poetry

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