Relationship with Jesus Poem


From the shortest to the smallest
From the biggest, tallest and Giants
Let’s stop the violence’s 
The average, smartest and brightest
Let’s stop and think
Our life with-out Jesus
Is like an artist who has no materials
A car but no driver
Useless, impatience, confuse and full of emptiness
It is like a book with no pages
A pen with no ink
At a standstill without directions
In a state of hopelessness

But, a relationship with Jesus
Can’t be bought, for it is priceless
Special, unique and precious
Neither can it be ruffled as a ticket
For it’s not a human gift or present
There is only one way it cometh
And that’s a spiritual awakening, awareness
Of the truth that is mention 
In Christ Jesus message
Of joy, peace, and salvation
“That He is the truth, the way, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6)

So let your eyes and heart be open
Connect to Him in a personal, spiritual bond
Fall on your knees voluntarily repentance and exceptions
Of His sacrifices and the flowing of His blood
Which brought us salvation
Cleaning our affliction
No longer are we covered in darkness
Like a towel and Windex
We are being wiped and polish
Every second, minute within the hour we are in the process
Of receiving a pure hearted transformation
All it takes is faithfulness and dedication
To inherit, fellowship, disciple, and education
Don’t look at me, my faults and imperfectness
But look at God, His Son, Holy Spirit, and Trinity
At His Word, faithfulness, reliable promises

When I finished watching the movie “Facing The Giants”. I was inspired to write this. I think God every day for saving me and giving me a new life. Jesus is everything to and my family. I hope that Jesus is everything to you.

Facing the Giants Novel

God Bless All,

2 thoughts on “Relationship with Jesus Poem

  1. Krystal Hernandez

    Very strong words and it says a lot of truth in this poem. Without God we wouldn’t have any hope, nothing to look forward to when we need someone to listen to our cries . Not just that but that someone named Jesus Christ who had sacrificed his self for his children.

    Liked by 2 people

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