From Death to Life – Testimony Poem

Covered from head to toes, in this sinful mud

Weighs more than a thousand tons

Seeking for help, in wrong directions we run 

Drowning in the worlds’ dissolution pond

Demons ripping apart our hearts like piranhas in the Amazon

This is their act of pleasure and fun

To make us, selves of the devil, the fictional fraud

Whose tongue is like a frog?

Wrapped around our thoughts

Misconceptions, our mind he would flood

To injected us with his disease of death

Our life he seek to rob

286% of alcohol, I was almost gone

This is my life’s testimony to all

Now I worship and sever the true living God

He revived my heart, with His unfailing love

Starched out arms from above

Shepherd staff and rod

Crucified His Son, shaded His Blood

Now I worship the Lord Jesus Christ

Every day, throughout the night, until the break of dawn

Lock and loading the Word of God

Within my heart, sin be gone

It is to Him that I now belong

Holy Spirit lead, fire in my lungs

Making Christ known

Is my life’s marathon

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