Surrendering Our Struggles

I am surrendering to God.

Found Who I Am

stijn-swinnen-145895Once upon a time there was a girl. Her brother was good at math. He was strong and fast. She was the youngest in her class. She wasn’t the tallest. She was shy. She was happy and confident in who she was, but she certainly wasn’t the best at much. But, she was okay with this. She didn’t rely on herself. God was her Father, her King, the One who always carried her. He’d never let her fall, and she knew His arms were strong enough no matter how big she got. Therefore, it was natural that when she got sick, really sick, she simply snuggled closer in her Father’s arms. She was sick for a really long time. Her Father brought her through it all, though, and she began to get better. The sickness has changed her, and to some degree, strengthened her. You can’t use a muscle constantly and not get stronger, after all! She…

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