Where 2 Start


Image result for pen and paper


Where to start

What to say


My mind has gone insane

I never thought that my life of despair could ever change


Looking back to my old ways


I once played the game of hypocrisy

Covered in ashes of death

Breathing the venom of lies

Exhaling the desires of the flesh

Arrogances and pride


Destroying the ones I loved as a slave to sin was I

Drugs and sex was my number one prize

To escape the pain of emptiness that I felt inside

But Glory and Honor to Him who has place propose in time


Whose love never failed?


Full of compassion and understanding of my stupidity

He holds me in His arms like a Father

With fire of protection in His eyes

King and Majesty Holy is His name


He will never let me go

Even in my time of uprising

In His perfection prepare a testimony

For His name to be exalted through my life


Words of mine I don’t have for dust I came and dust I shall go

But the propose I live for now it not of my own

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