Encourage a Friend

When you face obstacles and trouble 
Your faith starts to crumble 
You question is if God is real or not 
Your lead into doubt


The righteous 7 times may stumble 
They get backed-up and become stronger 
By Dialing Jeremiah 33:3 
That special number

Once we become His 
Internally will become rich 
Externally we still go through bad things 
Just need to remember not to quit

He delivered His people from the pharaoh 
With His mighty hand 
He points His bow and arrow 
Against your enemy, so they fall no longer stand

He parted sea
So they can walk across dry ground
His miracles they got to see 
Don’t forfeit for your time is now

They were 40 days in the desert 
He protected them from their neighbors 
Continue to trust in His Word
So by this world, you won’t get hurt

To quench their thirst 
He provided water out of the rock 
Your needs He places first 
In faith step outside your box

When they were sick 
They were healed
No matter what you think
A doctor He is, to how you feel

When they failed to listen 
They were placed under his discipline 
His love for his children serious 
From start to finish

Moses climbed the mountain 
40 days to God he was speaking
The people all the gold they counted
For an idol Chaff, they started worshiping

They were placed under judgment 
Believers and non-believers were separated 
To the non-believers, death was sent
To the Believers life for their repentance

To the promise land
They graded towards 
That the plan
Into eternity you shall s

On the way
They encountered war
Just like today
The struggle is not over

To the doubters 
Stayed outside the gates 
The sinners and cowers 
Shared the same fate

To the faithful 
He gave the promise land to 
Yes He is able
To finish line He will carry you

When in doubt 
Worship with lifted hands
His name you shout
The impossible He does and can

Understanding this walk
Is not done in your own straight 
It’s a daily sit down talk 
A relationship with Him


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