Conversation with Reality Part 1

The world is in stage of insanity

Practically it is crazy
Heaven and earth shacking
So many un-answer questions, that I finally
Deceived to sit down with Reality
With a paper and pen to take notes, I was ready
As he began to speak, my ear opened
My eyes widened and I was focus
His voice was full of pain consumed in sadness
To understand the present and future is to understand the past
From the beginning, he started
I was curious to what Reality, had to say, I was hooked

From His eternal Palace
God decided to create
Something out of empty space
The invasion of His spoken Word and His presence 
Created time and matter within the empty space insistence
With His Word, God created the universe
The animals and separated the ocean’s
All within days one through six

But, we were molded by His hands for a purpose
He breathed the breath of life into us
Created in His image, pure, naked and perfect
He was the first surgeon
Out of the ribs of men God made the women
So that by their seed the earth will be inhabited

He gave us free will as a love token
We are not made to be robots
So that our love towards Him will be genuine not forces
As His love is towards us
With a choice comes the test

You may eat off any tree accept
The tree of good and evil He said
Obedience to His comment brings life
Disobedience to His comment brings death

They were placed in the garden
That’s where everything began
The stage was set

To be continued…. 

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