Conversation With Reality – Part 2

The conversation took a pause
I was eager to know more
I was in awe
Reality said to make sure
To listen with my ear, understand with my heart so I don’t get lost
And he continued
Time and history was affected
Based on what happened next
The scent of temptation was send
By the conniving serpent
Evil and hater was his intention
As he spoke to the women with lies and deception
Catching her heart’s attention
It’s ok to eat from the tree of good and evil He mentioned
She remembered what Her Father had said, but forgot the consequences
The promise of being like Him, like a god, like the creator
The more she listened the greater the temptation
As they both ate from the tree death and separation
To All creation
Causing a broken relationship with the Creator
Hiding their nakedness with fig levees
They lost their state of innocence and perfection
The creator becomes the judge
That’s the reaction to their actions
The creator becomes the lawgiver
Out of our disobedience, we become the sinners
He gave the Judgment and the prophecy
The punishment and the way of salvation
The Serpents destruction
The purification of our nature and creation
Our relationship with the Creator restoration

Will come in the form of a man born of women 

God killed a lamb that was innocent
To cloth their nakedness
They were kicked out of the Garden
He placed in front of the tree of life to angelic guardians

To be Continued…

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