Conversation with Reality – Part 3

Reality spoke with word of emphasizes 
As I gazed into his eyes
He looked terrified
I felt nerves inside
The next stage of history he categorizes 
As humanity idols and compromised

For the humans logic and reason
Was now seasoned by the serpent poison
The foundational truth of our existence injected with corruption
The heart motivated by evil inclination

The human race, universe, and earth 
Were now under a curse
Unit the promised one will come
Things will get worst

After Adam and Eve had their first two sons
It became a conversational tradition 
On how to honor the God of creation 
What could and could not be done

One was a framer and the other a hunter
The yearly sacrifice need to be offered
One sacrifice fruits and the other a lamb on the alter
The choices to do what is right and wrong
Was now in their hands where it belongs

Not both offerings got accepted 
The one who offered the fruit got offended
His jealousy led him to kill his brother
Into the ground poured forth his blood

Crying out for justice into the ears of God
He was judged and cursed as a murder unit his days were gone

As men and women started to multiple
Their hearts were filled with evil
Angles lusted over the women’s beauty
To them, they came to sleep
And giants they conceive 

The Creator was now agree
But there was one that found favor in His eyes 
To him, he would speak 
Noah was his name
Times and seasons were about to change

The Creator will share with him what was to come 
He told Noah to build an ark and not delay
To take two of every animal and his family he would save
It was going to rain for forty days
And forty nights

The fallen angels were put into chains 
For they taught the secret arts 
To all plants and stars
Humans were never the same
For those that failed to listen to Noah
And not come into the ark would pass away

To be Continued..

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