Death the mirror of my past
The reflection of my person
Would my imprint in history last
That’s the question?

My life portrayed
How would it be painted
What would be said
When I lay on my deathbed

Life, time and death
The closing of the eye is next
So my very breath
I give it my best

When they mention my name
After I am gone
Will you remember the way
I spoke about the begotten Son

In love, grace, and peace
Forgivness towards my enemies
As He forgave me
For we are all the same indeed

Death is not the end
It’s a beginning
Into eternity entrance
My body stay but my spirit is taken to heaven

Death is no more
The day will come
When our spirit back into our body restored
For the judgment of the things we have done

I leave you with these words
Happiness to the flesh is eternity worst
Revile the spirit is fullest of purpose
The men on the cross who shed His blood on this earth

Wipes way all of our wrong
Reestablish a relationship with Him
That’s what He did
So we can spend eternity with our King

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