Tug-of-war – #poem #truth #Jesus # Poetry

Our soul is stuck in the middle
Between good and evil
Giving its choice freely
In choosing its eternal destiny

Connect to your flesh
With its sinful ways and perish
Or with God in spirit
His grace you’ll find rest

There’s only one absolute
Not everything is inclusive
For God is not like a soup
That everything can be included

How can you say you love someone
When your actions contradict
Your words of devotion
You’re dressed in two different outfits

We live in a dilemma
With time and choice
With evil making the most noise
To keep us from getting to heaven

For evil
Has many roads
Disguised in the billboard
To keep you blind as your life it steers

The human inability
To do good consistently
Reveals our imperfection
And the need of salvation

Like a puppet
You can remain
With evil pulling your strings
For the rest of your days

Open your eyes
And your consciousness
Your life
Is it a mess

For our Creator
Stretched out his hand
He sent a Savior
That was His plan

If you believe
In Christ Jesus crucified
Eternal goodness you will breath
For God’s wrath, He Satisfied

On the 3rd day
He resurrected
Evil and death He destroyed
Giving life to those who call on His name

What would you do
His love and grace put on mute
And follow the many roads
Or the path of truth and absolute

Unite your soul with your spirit
In a relationship
With God
Not in religion

God bless,
Come to 2 Jesus today

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