Question of Truth? Poem

I am nothing without Him
I am everything with Him

This must be
The mindset of humanity

For change is imminent
For the life that wishes to be set free

From the philosophical contradictions of this world
Our minds it controls

To keep us empty at the root of our souls
Like a gas tank of a vehicle

We have nowhere to go
Like a tow truck our life is being towed

Away from the one road
That can cure our hearts core

But hope is near
Look at the men who cried bloods of tears

He excepted the will of the Father
For His sacrifice will be the salvation of His brothers

His love was shown
At the crucifixion

For our sins forgiveness
He came back to life for deaths destruction

This is the road of truth
The healing for the multitude

Jesus is His Name
He first came to save

But He will be back to reign
As Lord and King

Were do we stand as individuals
With this world’s pollution toxicity philosophical system?

Or with Jesus Christ
His saving grace?

Come to Jesus today
This I pray

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