Exposing the hidden truth

The earth is covered in sinful darkness
Like snow over the Everest Mountains

The world is bathed in the blood of ignorance
And the veil of death has caused blindness

For the true path of righteousness
Has been perverted by wickedness

And the devil has infected his poison
Into the human consciousness

For his pride and hatred
Has influence our point of focus

The authenticity of love, words, and actions
No longer exists in its absolute context

Everything that is being done is an Abomination
To God, the Creator deserving His righteous judgment

We are living in times of devastation
With wars, pestilence and natural disasters

These are the days of the book of revelation
And I am not hasten

To tell you that the heavens
Are about to pour out its punishment
And the planet
Will soon split wide open

I pray that today
You will come to God in a sincere repentance

His love for you offer forgiveness
Justification and reconciliation

For your sins were nailed to the cross
And making your choice that’s all it cost

Jesus will always be our Savior and King
From the devil chains, Jesus will set you free
You just have to believe

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